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The needs and priorities of our customers are the most important building blocks of our projects.

By cooperating with each of our customers, we strive to grow, develop and achieve success together!

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We produce up-to-date software and original designs with our 14 years of experience in order to produce the most suitable solutions for our customers operating in different sectors.

Since the day we were founded, we have been working to understand the business needs of our customers and to offer them tailor-made solutions.

At the heart of our business is to create value for our customers with our high quality services and to be a partner in their success. We constantly improve ourselves, follow technological innovations and offer solutions specially designed for the needs of our customers.

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Our e-commerce services are a set of services that facilitate business transactions via the Internet and enable customers to shop online. These services are an effective marketing tool that allows businesses to expand their customer base and generate more sales.



Our e-export services are a set of services that facilitate export transactions via the internet. These services offer many tools that allow exporting businesses to promote their products on digital platforms, reach customers and sell online.


Corporate Website

Our corporate website service is a service that helps businesses strengthen their online presence. These services allow businesses to create an effective website, increase brand awareness and engage with potential customers, which is an essential tool for their digital marketing strategy.


Corporate Mail

Our corporate mail service is a service that helps businesses manage their corporate communications using professional email addresses. This service allows businesses to effectively communicate with their customers and business partners, streamline their business processes and increase efficiency.



Our VPS (Virtual Private Server) service is a service that separates a server into multiple virtual servers and enables each virtual server to work independently. This service allows businesses to securely host, manage and customize their websites, applications and data.


Dedicated Server

Our dedicated server service is a service that involves renting a server that is designed and managed specifically for the needs of a business. This service allows businesses to securely host, achieve high performance and customize their websites, applications and data.


Web Based CRM Solutions

Our web-based CRM solutions are a service that performs customer relationship management through online platforms. These solutions help businesses increase customer satisfaction by facilitating processes such as customer management, sales and marketing activities, reporting and analysis.


Logo design

With our logo design service, we offer you the most important visual element that reflects the identity of your company or brand. A correct logo design can appeal to the target audience of the company, strengthen the brand image and increase brand awareness to a high extent.


Training and Consultancy

Our training and consultancy services are professional services offered to increase the potential of individuals or institutions, improve business processes and help them achieve their goals. These services are provided by expert trainers and consultants, and solutions tailored to the needs of customers are offered.

Us Yazılım A.Ş

We offer customized software solutions for your business.

Our expert team takes your business forward in the digital age with software solutions designed to suit your needs. Thanks to our innovative approach and customer-oriented service approach, we are here to develop the most suitable software for your business. Join us and make a difference in the digital world.


With our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, we help websites rank higher in search engines and get more organic traffic.

High Speed

With our high speed performance, we provide a better user experience for internet users and higher conversion rates for websites.

Flexible Structure

The flexible structure allows easy and fast creation of templates and interfaces for websites.


With CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology, we help websites present their content to users quickly and reliably.

Multi-Language Support

With our multilingual structure, we provide websites with content in different languages, enabling users in different countries to offer services that meet their needs.

Central Code System

The central code system is a standardization system that helps websites run smoothly on a global scale by combining codes of different languages used in many different countries.

Responsive Design

With our responsive designs, we automatically make websites compatible with different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop), allowing users to have the same experience on any device.

24/7 Support

Our customers get a fast and effective customer service experience by contacting our business 24/7.


By ensuring that websites are protected against various cyber threats, we enable users to browse and transact safely on the internet.

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